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More Practice.

We offer longer in-car lessons, which means more practice time. Lessons are typically 1-hour but can be increased to 2-hours, depending on the flexibility of your schedule.

No Online Homework.

To ensure you meet all your requirements, all assignments, including the mandatory independent study, are completed on classroom days in the evenings. This provides you with the opportunity to ask the instructor for assistance, if needed. It also means that you aren’t required to complete any online homework once the in-class portion is completed.

Flexible Course Completion Dates.

We understand that you’re busy and may miss a required course class. Don’t worry, we allow you to finish the missed class(s) on one of our other scheduled course dates!.

We’re fun!.

Lethole Driving Driving School provides a fun and engaging learning environment, where classes are relevant to today’s ever-changing driving environment.

Extended Office Hours.

We keep our doors open for your convenience; we even stay open during lunch and extended our closing time for your convenience! Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5:00 and Saturday PM to 1:00 PM, Sunday:Closed.

Driving is a skill you can develop

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