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Thobekile Nkosi Vincet was a brilliant driving instructor – he helped me build up my confidence whilst driving and always motivated me to be the best driver I could be. I definitely recommend Lethole Driving School, especially for those who are nervous about driving.”

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Thobekile Nkosi

I would highly recommend Mpho to any learner drivers! She was so patient and determined to help me reach my driving goals. Her lessons were structured and had clear objectives. With his help, I passed my test and feel a more confident and safe driver.

Thobekile Nkosi “With Lethole Driving experts i was really easily able to get hold of my driving. As a rookie they have treated me good and ignored my mistakes and guided me on every single step.I am glad that i made it finally”.

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Thobekile Nkosi

Amazing experience with Lethole Driving Academy Classes. They have taught each and everything carefully and they have explained each and every process.We are finally happy with all services we got in such small package.”.

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Personalized training

Everyone learns in different ways. Lethole Driving School we will work with you to deliver the course in a way that will help you succeed! We often make adjustments to course work and test writing to suit the best learning style that works for you. Our numerous testimonials are the best proofs of our dedication..
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